Scott Anderson with a world class Boone & Crocket Caribou taken in Quebec.  See this hunt plus many more on BackLand’s action packed television shows.

Here at BackLand Outdoors we are honored to be your camouflage company.  We are just as excited that we are part of your television programming. We will work hard to bring you award winning programming week after week all  year long.  “I will promise you one thing; at BackLand we will always be grateful that you have chosen us as a company that you can rely on.  We will always  give you the best possible product that we can produce in all categories; Camouflage, TrueCrest arrow wraps and International Television designed  for the entire family.”  


Scott Anderson
BackLand Outdoors

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Our approach is different! When researching the people of America we found that there was a very strong unique desire that surfaced consistently. The people wish to be treated fairly, respectfully and in a timely fashion. They stated that they would gladly pay the extra monies needed to be treated fairly. Rest assured, we agree and also feel that a deal is only a deal if it is good for both sides! The price should not be exorbitant, it should be within reason. The goods for sale should be of quality. The service should be of the utmost and delivered with a smile. In our research we traveled through time. Back to an era when a hand shake meant something. A TIME WHEN A MANS WORD WAS HIS GOSPEL.

It is in the 1897 Sears Roebuck catalogue that we found what we are looking for. A standard that was good then should be good today. And we quote from the front pages of this tattered old book:

"THE VERY REMARKABLE GROWTH OF OUR BUSINESS IS THE MOST SATISFACTORY PROOF to us that we have succeeded: and yet at times the volume of business offered us by our country friends has been almost beyond our maximum capacity. But Experience has taught us that it is safe to anticipate the wants of our customers. Experience that the people throughout the length and breadth of the land are anxious to give their material support to a house where they can buy their goods at wholesale prices, where they can send their orders and their money with the positive assurance that they will be treated in exactly the same way as we would like to be treated were we in their place."

This has then become our standard here at BackLand Outdoors. Enjoy!